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Planning phases:

1. CU - certificate of urban planning

Required documents:
- Land book extract (C.F.)
- Area site plan
- Site plan on topographic support (endorsed by OJCC)

Agreements are obtained for:
- Channel water approval
- Fire approval
- Electric approval
- Gas approval
- Telecommunications approval
- Contract sanitation companies
- Civil Protection Inspectorate approval
- Public Health Department approval

In special cases are also obtained:
- Monuments approval (if the construction is in a protected historic area or the building is a historical monument)
- Enviroment approval
- Traffic police approval
- Approval of the Inspectorate in Constructions
- Agreement of neighbors

Are needed:
- Surveying and technical expertise (for existing constructions)
- Geotechnical study of the land

2. DTAC - project for building permit

- Architectural design (technical report, site plan, building plans, facades, sections)
- Structure project (technical statement, foundations plan, details of foundations, site organization plan)
- Heating, plumbing and sewage, electrical - projects
All projects must be verified on specialties, by accredited verifiers. Approvals are obtained in about a month, after that the permit fee is paid amounting to 0.5% - 1% of the investment.
The project, together with the CU and all the approvals, are submitted to the City Hall in order to obtain the building permit.

3. PTH - technical project

- Architectural design (plans, facades, sections of execution, the schedule of works, list of openings)
- Structure project(structural solution of the building; details arming columns, beams, floors, belts, plans shuttering) + the schedule
- Installations and plumbings (heating, electrical, water + sewer, gas) projects + the schedule
All projects must be verified by accredited verifiers for each specialty.

4. DE - execution details

- Architectural details (all details necessary for the execution)
- Structural details (all details)
- Details of installations and plumbings (heating, electrical, water + sewer, gas).