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Our responsibility is architectural quality, functionality and durability.

Regardless of the size and complexity, trying to achieve a maximum level of detail of the project.
Our projects - from basic functional requirements by introducing modern technologies and of course the impeccable technical level - demonstrating reasoning and individual qualities that reflect the typical or our ability, to address the problems.
It is our goal to follow both manual and digital design steps - from the traditional concept forms depending on the complexity of processing digital documentation reach international standards.

Today, without knowledge of CAD, engineering design would not be possible, thus our company intends to use the best of them. Our infrastructure provides us with advanced technological support for easy data management and implementation of communication between partners working smoothly. We feel the importance of the different partners - designers, engineers get involved in projects already in the early stages of concept, creating an ideal framework for the development of electrical infrastructure (not only) of a building. Only then can quality spaces reflects psychological, aesthetic and functional, just as original projects are born.

Our business includes architectural design (restoration of monuments, family homes, office buildings, industrial buildings, interior design, urban projects), home automation design, intelligent systems. Projects are realized with complete documentation for all specialties (architecture, structure, equipment, roads and land).

Founders and owners: Maksay Katalin, Lázár Zoltán István architects.